Stardoll Gift Card Codes

This page will help you get your own Stardoll gift card code with our new generator.  Have you ever went shopping with your best friends and seen a Stardoll gift-card? Do you ever wonder why people buy these and what they actually do?

Heres why you should get a Stardoll gift card. There are many things you can get on Stardoll with these gift card codes. $10 gift codes can give you 10,000 Starpoints or can give you superstar member ship for 2 months. If you want the Stardoll Gift Card Code cheat follow the instructions below:


To get this Stardoll Gift Card Code generator do the following:

  1. Click the download button and install the Stardoll cheats base back (for windows, mac OS and Linux)
  2. After installing open up the Stardoll cheats program and select Stardoll Gift Card Codes.
  3. You should be presented with the above window. Click on generate code.
  4. You will get a code on the code view section of the program.
  5. Copy or cut the code and login to your Stardoll account here.
  6. You should get a popup asking you if you would like ‘Superstar for 2 months’ or ’10,000 Starpoints’. You can choose what you want, but I highly recommend to choose the Superstar option because there are much more cool things you can do with this.
  7. That should be you. If you cant get the method working, try generating the code again.


I suggested in step 6 that you should use this Stardoll cheat to become superstar. The reason is that because once your a superstar you can get all the cool items that normal members cant get. There’s also a free beautiful dress that you can get, i took a screenshot to show you guys it below:


I hope you guys enjoy this Stardoll cheat. If you cant get it working please contact us, in the meantime checkout our Stardoll Stardollar cheat.

Thanks, and don’t forget to checkout our new YouTube channel as well as adding us on Facebook and Twitter. See you tomorrow for another great cheat!