Stardoll Free Stuff Cheat – Pack of 30 Items

Hey guys. Just found another great cheat that we just used. Its another Stardoll cheat code. But this time there’s over 30 items to get using 1 cheat code! It comes with lots of: trousers, bras. dresses, shirts and vests. They are all beautiful and there are tons of colours to choose from. This pack was released to the public when Stardoll was first created, all 30 items are now very rare and valuable so this startdoll cheat is one of the ways you can get all 30 and show them off to your stardoll friends. Heres some of the items that that are included in this huge pack of 30 items!

How to Get These Free Stardoll Items:

As you can see they are really basic items but who doesn’t want to keep rare items in their closet? To get these 30+ items just follow the simple steps bellow.

  1. Download your unique code using the blue ’download now’ button above.
  2. Once you get you’re code you need around 50 stardollars (get them free using our Stardollar Cheat For Starpoints)
  3. After getting 50 Starpoints, copy and paste the code into your browser and go to your account.
  4. Go to your wardrobe or closet (whatever you call it lol) and you should see all the 30+ items stacked in a corner.

Its a basic stardoll cheat but it works fast and its great to show off with. We discovered this cheat literally like 10 hours ago and we tested it and worked great! So you shouldn’t have a problem with it either.

Note: If you want any colours of the 30+ items changed you need to visit any shop and there should be a option to change colour. Click on that and change the colour, but there is a small fee of 10 starpoints to do it, but just use our free starpoints cheat 2012 to get them easily.


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Good Luck!

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